MCMS PTO “Raise the Creek” Campaign
Did you know???

…while we reside in the greatest county ever, and are afforded great financial support from our county commissioners and school board, it’s simply not enough to provide all of the resources we need in the areas of technology, classroom materials and equipment and teacher and staff needs.


…the cost of a COW (Computer –on-Wheels) costs the school approximately $10,000


….that many teachers provide items for their classrooms out of their own money lab tables cost over $1000 each


…whiteboards and bulletin boards cost around $500 each


…your $25 membership in the PTO and your participation in “Raise the Creek” will help us meet the needs of Mill Creek Middle School


…that 100% of your investment is tax deductible and will benefit all of Mill Creek Middle School.


...we can’t succeed without YOU!!



Raise the Creek” summarizes the PTO’s vision for Mill Creek Middle to flood our school with support, funds, and volunteer efforts, allowing the school to have ample resources and student opportunities for successful years at middle school.   The PTO is asking each family to donate to the “Raise the Creek” campaign to help us meet our fundraising goal of $35,000 for the year.  Your support will have a direct impact on our students’ success and the education at Mill Creek Middle School.

Your donation to “Raise the Creek” will help us reach our goal to make a significant impact. Contact the MCMS Fundraising Chair with any questions at



The suggested donation is $100 for two or more.  Please know this is a voluntary request and all amounts (larger or smaller) will be greatly appreciated.  All donations are confidential and tax deductible, and will be used by the PTO to purchase items greatly needed for this new middle school.  The PTO has a list of items to purchase for the school including the following:


  • COW’s (Computer on Wheels):   set of 24 or 30 laptop computers on a cart for student use
  • Refrigerators for staff lounges
  • Additional classroom equipment, including bulletin boards, white boards, books, furnishings
  • Library books
  • Science equipment for labs and experiments
  • Funding for hopeful robotics, coding, STEM design lab (materials, training, personnel)
  • Student recognition, awards, appreciation tokens
  • Teacher recognition, treats, appreciation tokens
  • School beautification – benches, picnic tables, outdoor trash cans, trees, etc.
  • Shade structure for outdoor seating area/pavilion
  • Bleachers/seating for outdoor practice/play/P.E. field
  • Grade Level support-   grade level t-shirts, incentives, financial help for grade level teachers
  • Theater equipment:  cyclorama, fly system, wireless microphones




Your donation to "Raise the Creek" will help us reach our goal to make a significant impact in the list of items needed by Mill Creek Middle.  Contact the MCMS Fundraising Chair with any questions at .


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The Mill Creek PTO greatly appreciates your contributions.  Thank you!


Mill Creek Middle School PTO

Raise the Creek Campaign